Never before is our mantra

FromĀ materials research to final fabric production, we are always looking for the case 0.

Our commitment is worth two R&D offices and covers all stages of fabric production.

We call it the value chain

Each step of our fabric production process reflects high standards of research, creativity, experimentation, and innovation.


Stylistic research and product design


Studying solutions that meet stylistic requirements and production challenges.


Material research. The aim is to identify the best materials, selecting the most traditional linen, cashmere, wool, cotton, viscose, and the most up-to-date such as lyocell fibre.


Experimentation of new production cycles.


Prototype development and evaluation. Where research and ideas become fabric. Each prototype is tested for quality, consistency with the concept and resistance to a variety of processes such as finishing and dyeing.


Production of patented fabrics .


Creating the final sample

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Together we can design whatever the mind can imagine