In 3 words: your creativity “container”

Inspiration is everywhere.
We are the first source where to find what you are looking for.

We carefully listen to what the world of fabric, fashion, innovation, and creativity has to say. We take care of what truly matters and make it possible for you.

We have an opininon point

We are deeply passionated to our job and nothing is left to chance. Our solutions are the result of continuous researches of fashion and trends, further to essential experiences gained over the years.

Made together

Collaboration and co-creation are the first step to start productive processes and high-level collections are the resulting. Customization is a fundamental component of our cooperation where our experience, identity and ideas mix with yours. We experiment different processes and our challenges takes us far, thanks to our constant modernization of fabric machineries.

Fearless experimenters

Our commitment for creativity and innovation is constantly increasing, and our two research and development departments are proof of this.
We are not afraid to invest on new yarns, compositions, colourings, textures and working processes.

The total look

Our wide proposal of fabrics is developed thinking of your total look. We can create any kind of outfit and customized products, thanks to the combination of Fabrica and Inwool collections.




The constant interaction with the client


The investment in our two R&D departments


The care for the environment


An experimental mindset that involves every step of the production process, especially the finishing stage. In two words: courageous creativity.

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Together we can design whatever the mind can imagine